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Master Project Collaboration/Ideas!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Zach Ng, and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade - MSc at the University of Kent with the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology. I am reaching out beacuase I am having difficulty finding organisations to collaborate with in relation to my project ideas. 

My research interests for my Masters project are centred around various areas within the wildlife conservation domain, including but not limited to:

  • Analysing Legal Systems, Laws and Provisions:

-My undergraduate degree was LLB Law with Chinese so I would like to further this

-How wildlife laws impact biodiversity, analysing how effective legal frameworks are

-Identifying potential areas for legal improvement

  • Investigating and analysing the Wildlife Trade (legal and illegal) and identifying Strategies to combat:

-Elephant and rhino ivory trade

-Pangolin trade

-Tiger trade

-Hornbill trade

-Wild animals traded as pets/scientific research

-Wild animal meat

-Wild animal-based medicines

  • Economic Patterns and Market Analysis of the Wildlife Trade:

-Analysing the dynamics of the global wildlife trade, its routes, patterns and seeking potential solutions to mitigate it

-Methods of trading and situation analysis

  • Effectiveness of Preventing Wildlife Crime:

-Investigating criminal syndicates: Understanding the involvement of criminal syndicates in wildlife trafficking and the measures to counteract them effectively

-Poaching: Researching the various facets of poaching, its drivers, and preventive measures

-The use of detection dogs and Sting operations

-Retaliatory killing of wildlife

-Supporting law enforcement

  • Human-Wildlife Co-existence

If anyone has suggestions of current projects I can collaborate with or gaps in areas to research into I would be highly grateful!

Brad Nahill
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SEE Turtles
Brad has worked in sea turtle conservation & ecotourism for 20+ years. He is the lead writer of Sea Turtle Research and Conservation and co-author of the Worldwide Travel Guide to Sea Turtles. He has won the President's Award from the International Sea Turtle Society.

Hi Zach,

Our organization (SEE Turtles) has a campaign working on the illegal tortoiseshell trade around the world called Too Rare To Wear. We are going to be updating our Global Tortoiseshell Report next year and one of the gaps we have in data is in China, where the illegal trade is now happening most frequently on platforms like WeChat.

We'd be interested in discussing with you if interested in how we might be able to gather some data on this trade in the country. I'm including a couple of links below about the program and the last report and will reach out by email.