Module 2: Setting up the Arduino IDE

Hi WILDLoggers, 

Module 2 is now live! Thanks to everyone attending our Office Hours with Akiba and Jacinta today. If you can't make it, don't forget that you can always use this forum to ask your questions in each modules' thread. (And if you're in the Americas, visit this thread to find out about future Office Hours in Western Hemisphere timezones.)

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Happy building!


Hi Akiba,

Many thanks on all the videos, really good presentation, I’ve completed module 2 & doing my own ‘victory’ dance!  I did leave the power switch on (without a battery) & upload just ‘hung’, until I figured it out. 

Quick question regarding connecting an alternative Li-Po battery to the Wild Logger.  The 3.7v battery I have has a smaller JST connector on it.  I think I’m right in saying that it’s a JST-XH2P female connector on the board.  I just wondered if its OK to crimp on a new XH2 connector to the battery?  Or is such thing as an adapter available?  I know the batteries have their own little built-in board & I wasn’t too sure if its more that just two wires to consider.  Sorry, if you plan to cover this – I'm just curious & like to explore options!


Help, I'm stuck.  I am unable to upload program to board.  

I have attached the error log file.  I am unable to upload a JPG file, so I can't send a pict of the board and cables. 

I tried doing this, but unable to find "Processor" in Tools menu.

Due to time zone differences, I am unable to attend "office hours" meeting.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 




Update: Me again. 

I swapped cables, installed COM port driver (CH340Driver), then switched from using COM3 to COM4.

I was able to upload.  But it doesn't blink, just a steady solid light of Red and Blue.  The LED closest to the battery connector is off.

My code - 

void setup(){
  pinMode (13, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite (13, LOW);

void loop() {
   digitalWrite (13, HIGH); 
   delay (1000);
   digitalWrite (13, LOW);
   delay (1000);


Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.