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New Platform Help: Troubleshooting & bugs

Hi wildlabbers, 

We're so pleased to introduce you to the new WILDLABS Platform. For the past 18 months, we've been hard at work building a new home for our conservation technology community. Now that it's time to welcome members new and familiar to see what we've created, we hope you'll be as excited as we are! 

We will be doing regular releases of bug fixes and new features in coming weeks and months. As you start using the platform and we roll out new features, you're going to discover bugs or unexpecting things happening that we just haven't caught in our testing process. If you find something going wrong or not working quite how you expect it, please drop it in this thread and we'll reply to troubleshoot here or log it for fixing in a future release. 

Good luck and enjoy the new platform!



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Amazing @StephODonnell   Looking great!

But I had a really odd problem so begin with.

I went through the process to reset my password, and it all looked good. I logged off and couldn't login again!!

I realised that I could login OK on Mozilla Firefox, it was just Chrome.  Grrrrr....

Finally after I cleared my browsing history it logged me correctly.  I guess it was not letting go of WIldlabs 1.0 so easily. 


I just got a likely-spam direct message. I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar issue and/or if there are any automated checks for this kind of thing. We're such a small community that I'm quite surprised to see something like this. 

Okay great - thanks for flagging this. It's helpful to know it didn't just come to our team's accounts - we also got the same message and blocked the account immediately. Til now our spam filiters have working well blocking accounts like this at the registration stage, but we're going to change some things to prevent abuse of the DM system. We're having a meeting to finalise some decisions on it this morning - will report back after.