discussion / Drones  / 15 June 2022

Open Source Photogrammetry Software

Hi All,

I'm searching for an open sourced photogrammetry software to swap out Pix4D/Agisoft/DroneDeploy. I've seen mention of OpenDroneMap, but I've struggled with getting it sorted out, and I'm wondering if there's a software that someone may have come across that may have some of the features. 
I'm currently using a generic photostitching software (Microsoft ICE) to make my 2D imagery, but it does have limitations, particularly with larger batches. 
The reason I'm not using Pix4D/Agisoft/DroneDeploy is due to my organization not qualifying for their discounts (which are mostly for education based orgs).

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer.