discussion / Drones  / 15 June 2022

Open Source Photogrammetry Software

Hi All,

I'm searching for an open sourced photogrammetry software to swap out Pix4D/Agisoft/DroneDeploy. I've seen mention of OpenDroneMap, but I've struggled with getting it sorted out, and I'm wondering if there's a software that someone may have come across that may have some of the features. 
I'm currently using a generic photostitching software (Microsoft ICE) to make my 2D imagery, but it does have limitations, particularly with larger batches. 
The reason I'm not using Pix4D/Agisoft/DroneDeploy is due to my organization not qualifying for their discounts (which are mostly for education based orgs).

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer.



Hi Lindy, ODM has a steep learning curve but is fantastic once you understand it. I have much better results than from commerical services, although we were just stitching fairly small (<10ha) areas.

Have a look at WebODM Lightning, this is a paid-for, but very cheap, processing service using ODM that is more similar to commercial services (upload your images, press go). You can upload using the web interface or a Windows app.