discussion / Human-Wildlife Conflict  / 15 June 2017

Predator Protection Device emits random lights and sounds

Predator Protection Device

Another iteration on Lion Lights and Foxlights, but this one has a built-in sound generator and speaker. It is also solar-powered.

From the image, it looks like the LED lights are at the 4 corners, and audio speakers are on 3 of the 4 sides, with a control panel on the 4th side. Looks like it'd be best to have at least 2 of these on a boma/kraal/corral to get 360ª coverage.

Hello, this device looks really interesting...has anyone tryed? what brand is it? how much does it cost? what's the range of the speakers? what kind of sound does it makes? I've use foxlights and niteguard...I think animals eventually will get use to it and avoid the repelling device or simply just don't care of it. I think We have to use a repelling device that use more than one technique, for example lights, sound and chemical repelling, wildcats don't like other smells, specially citrus, pine and other specific, I think that capsaicin powder or spray it looks like the proper chemical, I've come to and idea that is to take a camera "trap" or a CCTV (GSM or UHF communication)+android app+mobile phone and the the camera gets the sensor activated the video will send to the mobile phone and the farmer can see the animal live...and to decide it to active or not the repelling system..that can be sound, light and chemical (capsaicin). This will teach a "lesson" to the predator and send a message to stay away from the farm.

have a good one