discussion / Remote Sensing & GIS  / 7 November 2020

Remote trap sensing communications

Hi Wildlabs,


My name is Mark Butterworth, and I’m a PhD student at Cardiff University.  I am researching methods for remotely monitoring animal traps that are placed in the rainforests of Malaysia.  The Malaysian forest is a dense evergreen forest that has extensive canopy cover.   Cellular network do not cover the forest and due to thick canopy cover satellite communications are precluded.  The traps are placed over a 20-mile radius, and transport between each trap is slow and difficult.  Given the remoteness of each trap, an IoT mesh network is impractical as each node would need to be visited regularly for a battery change.  I am intending to use low power, low bandwidth, HF signal using digital signal processing to facilitate a low data rate reliable communications medium.  Just wondering if anybody has knowledge of anything similar or any other ideas that I should explore?