discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 28 June 2022

Renaming files with incorrect timestamps


I deployed passive acoustic recorders to detect animal calls but on one of my devices the date & time settings got messed up and reverted to the default (Jan 1, 2000). And then the device recorded for a month, writing 20-min files that are day & time stamped. e.g., file name is swift1_20000101_020000.wav (deviceName_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS). And now I reeeeally don't want to have to manually rename 2000+ individual files.

I know the actual start date & time from my field notes and I'm wondering if there's a way to input that actual start date/time and have all the files shift off of that. So swift1_20000101_000000 would become swift1_20220617_093000, swift1_20000101_002000 would become swift1_20220617_095000, and so on in some sort of loop.

Any ideas? I know you can rename files with file.rename(), paste0(), etc but I would need a function that iterated on all files within the directory sequentially and I haven't been able to find something that will do it. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated!

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