discussion / Acoustics  / 23 October 2023

Replacement (cheaper) foam mic covers

Hi everyone; looking for a source of (cheaper) foam mic covers suitable for the stub mics on a Song Meter Mini.  I've always purchased the 'official' ones but as the price of these is steadily creeping towards £10 each, and I'm currently replacing them monthly on some of my recorders (what is it that likes them so much?!) I need to find a cheaper alternative.  Any ideas / sources others have come across?  I still have lots of the circlips!  Thanks, Bob.

Perhaps you could go the DIY route. I would usually make my own windsocks using "fuzzy/fluffy ear muffs" for kids from dollar store and hair bands.

Hi! I got these ones from Amazon. Also, I was tired of creatures eating them so I created a shield using window mesh screen