discussion / Community Base  / 25 August 2023

Seedbank Project on iNaturalist

Am helping a conservation project use iNaturalist for their work in bio-diversity monitoring and also citizen science, STEM program with schools.

Looking to connect with anyone who has used iNaturalist program to manage a seedbank catalog. It would be good to share notes about basic methologies and handouts for community detailing basic steps of adding observations and good practices when taking images, adding sort of scale in the images etc.

Here is some example of seedbank project on iNaturalists https://inaturalist.nz/projects/christchurch-post-earthquake-red-zone-seed-bank-study and example observation https://inaturalist.nz/observations/4097552

Am also looking of how to share the results using visulization such as a 'tree of life' that shows bio-diversity of conservation and basic catalog of the seedbank.