discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 21 November 2020

Seeking mobile app developer

I am looking for someone who I can hire to assist with changes to our mobile app -  i of the elephant (IOS and Android). Our free mobile app lets people report where ivory is being sold. These reports are then sent to the wildlife authorities who can investigate and prosecute these sellers. Our reports have already resulted in several successful prosecutions.  Please contact me at the below address. 

Sue Orloff

Director, Biologists without Borders

[email protected]

Hi Sue

Did you manage to get in touch with AI DigitalWorld - they are developing a lot of conservation apps. 

contact: [email protected]

Hi Sue

We focus on building citizen science and conservation apps and might be able to help you. If you still require to make the changes to your app then please PM me or email [email protected]

Here ir our site: https://flumens.io