discussion / Marine Conservation  / 19 February 2024

Species ID Needs?

Hi all! New to the WILDLABS space and interested in learning from others about species identification needs in fisheries and wildlife, ranging from monitoring and enforcement to trafficking and illegal trade. What are your biggest problem areas?

Hello Nadia,

A forensic genetic challenge  exists when DNA is destroyed by processes used in manufacturing of derivative animal products, preventing law enforcement in identification of protected species.  Alternative methods such as lipid profiles or isotope analysis unique to certain species may be possible but require voucher specimens that may or may not be available and methods that have not been tested or peer reviewed. Examples below:

  1. derivative products made from endangered shark squalene (eg. Liver oil capsules).
  2. derivative products made from lion bone and tiger bone (eg. lion bone cake and tiger wine).

    This is a law enforcement issue and would like to discuss possible solutions.