discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 4 November 2016

Tablet Recommendations for Field Research


One of the teams at ZSL is going out into the field to collect data and want to use tablets. The tablets need to be robust and don't need to have too many bells and whistles - their main function will just be recording data.

Does anyone have any recommendations for tablets they've used in the past?



The team are looking for something basic, with limited functionality. It would be Android with a  long battery life, wifi enabled, GPS and low res camera.

Offline data collection, is probably the most important feature so that in remote areas we aren’t losing data.



I think for such a basic use case any modern device will do, ie. GPS+Camera+Text combination is supported by pretty much any device there. If you need a better battery life then you might need to look for a device with bigger battery (I can't recommend any) or get an extra power bank, or use a custom Android that is more energy efficient. 

For a ruggedized device: 

For a robust all-rounder (that we use): 

A couple of WCN's partners have used the Cedar CT4 rugged handheld Android tablet, and they like it. There is also a larger tablet version, the CT7, but I have no direct or even 2nd hand experience with that. I did find this review, which I include since the parent site appears to be a useful resource.

Availability seems to be pretty limited. However I did just order one directly from Juniper, and they also gave me a slight discount for being a non-profit. The sales guy I talked to there is Kory Pitcher <[email protected]>