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Warn elephants using infrasound?


I was wondering if there has been any research into using infrasound to warn elephants of poachers in their proximity? For example if a poacher is detected (visually or otherwise) a low frequency signal can be emitted to alert the nearby elephants to their presence?

Thanks, Lily


Elephants have their only ability to warm nearby or far herds of an inpending danger. All these can be done through acoustic, visual, chemical & seismic methods. Here are some of the sound they do make...https://www.elephantvoices.org/multimedia-resources/elephant-calls-database-contexts.html

Good day Lily.

I stumbled upon this post of yours.
Have you been able to make any advancement on this topic, or get any feedback from anyone?

I have been asked a similar question by a group, looking at early warning systems for large mammals, like elephants, of possible danger situations.

On my side, it is still a very new project, however, my use case has more to do with the trains that kills the elephants, but we also have a use case for early warning systems to recognize poachers and early warning systems to intercept any possible threat.

So if you are in a position, and willing to share any information, I would like to find out more, if there has been any developments regarding this topic aon your side.

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Generating infrasound is generally energy intensive and expensive.  You can google "infra-subwoofer" and despair at the prices!  But those are for audiophiles.  I came across a fan type speaker design a long time ago that I think can be adapted,  Another possibility is to use pyrotechnics to generate infrasound, but that would not be reusable and I suspect development will be even more of a headache.  An intriguing possibility is to use basically a fogger - - those noisy smoky fumigators -- but built to produce the lower frequency.