Welcome to the Conservation Tech Training and Education Group!

Hello and welcome to our group!

In this group, we’ll be discussing all things conservation tech education. That may seem broad and the intent of it is! Conservation tech ranges everywhere from mechanical engineering efforts to dispense treats to AI’s interpretation of camera traps and beyond. We’re looking at ways to expand and improve the training and education of conservation technology . 

This thread is for you to introduce yourself and tell us what you’re doing and what you’d like to learn or see discussed in this group! 

We are eager to hear from you and build the best conservation-tech training space around!

Suz and Andrew

I'm David, a just-defended PhD working primarily on acoustics and now on climate change and decarbonization. I'd love to see this group develop an easily accessible repository of existing training materials. There's a lot of stuff out there, but knowing that something exists and being able to find it are both very tricky. 

One project I'll be working on that would fall under this group's purview (that I've posted about elsewhere in wildlabs) is a guide to IT for ecologists and conservationists.

Hey everyone!  I'm Nicole and I'm the managing director of Wildlife Insights. We have a lot of training materials for Wildlife Insights on our website and on youtube and I'd love to hear more about how we can make these resources more accessible to the community!