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What events are you looking forward to this year?

Hi everyone, 

It's my first day back in the office after a very welcome holiday break, and I'm so happy to be back! I'm taking stock of the year to come and am wondering what everyone is looking forward to.. what events do you have coming up in your calendars? Conferences, workshops, webinars, talks - in peron or virtual. What's happening? What should we be going to or getting excited about? 

ICCB is the big one that popped in my inbox this morning - Kigali, Rwanda | July 23-27. There is still time to put in symposium/workshop/talk abstracts and I'm tempted. Is anyone going? 


Thomas Gray
Woods Hole Group
Argos satellite system manager for North America
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Here are the ones on my radar that I will be attending. 

American Ornithological Society & Society of Canadian Ornithologists meeting
August 7th-12th 2023
London, Ontario (Canada)

Raptor Research Foundation (annual meeting)
October 17th-22nd 2023
Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)

The Wildlife Society meeting
November 5th-9th 2023
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

Benjamin Barca
Passionate conservationist currently focusing on eDNA

Hi Steph, as you know we will be attending the ICCB in Kigali and would be interested in participating in a symposia where we can link up conservation tech users with different experience across the continent and globally? We have many active projects with conservation practitioners so can check who will be attending and see if there is interest. Am sure many in this forum will also be collaborating in projects that could tell their story in such a symposia?

I might be at ICCB! 

I will definitely be at IPS (International Primatological Society) in August, in Kuching, Malaysia but that's more the primate nerd side of me ๐Ÿ˜…. 

And potentially the Wildlife Society conference in Louisville, as Thomas mentioned :)