discussion / Marine Conservation  / 12 July 2018

Whistleblowers Can Help Stop Marine Destruction / IUU Fishing / Ocean Pollution

I wanted to post a resource for all who may be interested. The National Whistleblower Center is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that has worked for over 30 years to promote whistelblower rights and protections through a variety of avenues, including litigation, legislative advocacy, and public education. 

NWC’s wildlife whistleblower program aims to leverage whistleblower law as a tool to combat criminal wildlife trafficking. In 2016, NWC was selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge, an initiative of USAID in partnership with the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution, and TRAFFIC. We are looking to continue expanding the scope of our work to fight wildlife trafficking, including not only wildlife but also fishing and timber.

I've attached 2 short flyers from our program. 

Please feel free to contact me here or at my direct email: [email protected]

marine_one-pager_.pdf gwwp_oceans_flyer.pdf