discussion / Community Base  / 17 September 2018

WILDLABS Virtual Meetup Series – Call for Input

The WILDLABS team is planning a series of virtual meetups for members to engage in conversations on conservation tech solutions that bridge our community groups. With a focus topic for each event, these meetups will allow experts to share a bit about their work, help non-experts learn about new advances, and provide a platform for discussion from all interested parties. We hope they will create opportunities for you all to learn, share, and collaborate in a space that is complementary to our platform’s usual function.  

As we’re still in the early stages of planning, we’d like to ask for your feedback on what you want to hear and talk about. Our current topic ideas include:  

  • Wireless/LoRa systems 
  • Drones (potentially with a focus on applications in marine/freshwater environments?) 
  • Approaches to Innovation 
  • New innovations in wildlife tracking and how the emerging efforts fit together 
  • Non-lethal management/ aversion tech approaches 
  • Open tools for conservation 
  • Acoustic monitoring 
  • Something camera-trap related (any ideas?) 

Do you have suggestions or questions about a topic listed above? An idea for a new topic we haven’t thought of? Would you like to help lead one of these discussions, or do you have someone else in mind that might be well-suited for the role?  

Please comment below or message us with your ideas ( @TaliaSpeaker or @StephODonnell ), so that we can do our best to tailor this series to your interests.  

Thank you!