discussion / Biologging  / 12 February 2024

Wildlife Drones will be hosting in-person demos in the U.S.

We will be conducting in-person demos of our cutting-edge drone technology in the US this year! 🇺🇸 If you're interested in experiencing firsthand how our technology can revolutionize wildlife monitoring and conservation efforts, sign up now and let us know which location you'd like to see it! 

Wildlife Drones has developed the World’s Most Advanced Drone Radio-telemetry System to locate tagged animals in real-time. Compatible with any VHF tags globally, our unique sensor technology is a valuable addition to any conservation, management, and environmental science project worldwide.

We work with government departments, Universities, environmental consultants and private industries worldwide to assist clients with impact assessments and provide monitoring solutions for native and endangered species as well as manage invasive species populations.

We empower you to collect more data, more often with less effort using innovative drone technology

» Rapidly survey difficult terrain
» Track multiple animals simultaneously
» Get real-time location data

Find out more here: https://lp.wildlifedrones.net/demo-interest