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Catch Up with the WILDLABS Variety Hour: August 2022

The WILDLABS Variety Hour is your monthly connection to the exciting projects, research, and ideas that are happening in conservation tech right now. This month, learn about challenges tracking sharks & rays, hear an update from the AudioXD workshop, have an introduction to Firetail data tool, & learn about The Nature Conservancy's mesh camera network project. Watch the recording now

Online Event
18 Aug 2022 - this event is in the past.
3:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm Europe/London
 Recording Available

You’re invited to the WILDLABS Variety Hour, a new community event connecting you to the exciting projects, research, and ideas that are happening in conservation tech right now. You never know what you’ll find and who you’ll meet at our Variety Hour, and that’s part of the fun! You might catch speed talks from community members working around the world, learn from a leading conservation tech expert, discover a new tool, test your wildlife trivia skills, find a great opportunity - maybe you’ll even do all of the above.

The WILDLABS Variety Hour isn’t a show, or a lecture, or a workshop. It's an engaging, fun, and interactive gathering, giving you a welcoming space to share your own projects and resources, ask and answer questions, have insightful conversations, meet collaborators, make friends, and get to know the conservation tech community in a new way. Great ideas and discussions are sparked when people who share a passion for conservation tech unite. When you come along to the Variety Hour, you’re joining a space full of people who care about conservation tech just like you; when you leave the Variety Hour, we hope you’ll take away fresh inspiration and the knowledge that you belong to a global community who are making an impact in our field all around the world.


What will I hear about? 

Part 1: Speed Talks (3 x 7 mins)

The first half will feature three speed talks:

Intermission: Quiz

Part 2: Focus Talk (20 mins)

The second part will feature a single project or topic for discussion or debate. This session, we'll be joined by Nathaniel Rindlaub, a software developer on The Nature Conservancy's Conservation Tech team.

  • Nathaniel Rindlaub: From months to minutes: real-time biosecurity monitoring with wireless camera traps & AI
    • To reduce the ecological and financial risk of an invasive introduction occurring on Santa Cruz Island CA, The Nature Conservancy recently replaced the SD-card based wildlife cameras with a mesh network of wireless, solar-powered cameras that have the capacity to transmit images and communicate with one another via low-frequency radio. This new network of interconnected cameras routes images as they are taken to a central base station on the island, which uploads the data to the cloud for processing via a machine learning pipeline.
    • View Recording

Part 3: Ask, Offer, News (10 mins)

We'll end the session by opening the floor to anyone on the call. This is a space where you can jump in ask for something you need, offer something or share some news about your work.

Catch up with past Episodes:
  • Variety Hour August 2022 | Learn about challenges tracking sharks & rays from Sammy Andrzejaczek, hear an update from the AudioXD workshop from Justin Kitzes, have an introduction to Firetail data tool from Tobias Petri, & learn about The Nature Conservancy's mesh camera network project from Nathaniel Rindlaub. 
  • Variety Hour September 2022 | Featuring Adrià López-Baucells talking about technologies to monitor bats in Kenya, Felipe Vallejo shares his work monitoring hawksbill turtles in Equador, Laura Kloepper shares how she's building custom electronics for a hawk to carry through bat communities, and David Johnston talks about his incredible work with drones & whale tags in Antarctica.
  • Variety Hour October 2022 | Featuring talks from David Rolnick introducing the Climate Change AI Community, Melanie Smith walking through the Bird Migration Explorer Platform, Christian Rossi shares the upcoming Earth Observation 101 Virtual Series, and Adrian Dellecker asks 'Is there a future for conservation NFTs?'
  • Vareity Hour November 2022 | Featuring Alasdair Davies sharing Club Arribada, an after-school conservation tech training programme in Principe, Andrew Schulz and Suzanne Stathatos introduce how you can use our new Conservation Tech Training and Education Group, and Phyllis Sherril and Janet Kavutha talk about building tech capacity among female conservationists in Kenya. 

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