Event /  31 Oct 2022

Earth Observation 101 - Part 4: How do I get started?

Join us for the fourth and final part of our Earth Observation 101 Virtual Course, where we will discover more about accessing and processing remote sensing data

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31 Oct 2022 - this event is in the past.
 Recording Available

This four-part Earth Observation 101 lecture series from Dr Cristian Rossi will explore the technologies and the algorithms behind remote sensing and gives an overview of several applications using Remote Sensing data, including practicalities about data access and processing.

The last part of the lecture series is the practical one. We will discover how to access earth observation data from both public and commercial providers; we will describe in detail the main public satellite missions; we will discover existing products generated with earth observation data and finally we will briefly describe available tools and platform for data processing.

This lecture series is free and allows you to move at your own pace with videos available to all on the WILDLABS YouTube channel. Course content will also be posted in the Earth Observation 101 Community WILDLABS group, where you can navigate through all the content as it is posted, engage with other participants, and reach out to the course instructor directly.

Register for the series here!

Join our fourth and final watch party at 3pm UTC | 11am EDT on youtube here (note the new EDT time due to changes to UK daylight savings): 

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