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WILDLABS Tech Tutors: Season One

We've wrapped season one of Tech Tutors! Thank you to all of our Tutors, and to everyone who attended and made these episodes so exciting! You can find all of our episodes on the WILDLABS Youtube Channel, and find links to each episode's collaborative notes and resources below.  Interested in becoming a Tech Tutor presenter for our next season? Submit this form and let us know what questions you could answer for our community. We'll see you soon in season two!

Online Event
18 Jun 2020 - this event is in the past.
4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm UTC

About the Series

Introducing the WILDLABS Tech Tutors, our new series that focuses on answering the "how do I do that?" questions of conservation tech. Launched with the support of Microsoft AI for Earth, this series will give you the bite-sized, easy-to-understand building blocks you'll need to try new conservation technology, enhance your research, or DIY a project for the first time.

Taking place every Thursday, each Tech Tutor will present a 20 minute tutorial guiding you through an aspect of conservation tech, followed by a 10 minute live Q&A session with the audience.

For participants, the outcome will be an increased sense of confidence in their technological skills, the ability to actively build off of the skills discussed in these tutorials, and an opportunity to learn and collaborate with other members of the WILDLABS community. Our goal is to customize these tutorials to fit the needs of the community and address your needs, so let us know what you want to see in this season and beyond.

Can't make it? You can find every tutorial after it airs on our Youtube channel.

Season 1 lineup

Season One

  1. Daniel Situnayake: How do I train my first machine learning model? | Recording available
  2. Sara Beery: How do I get started using machine learning for my camera traps? Building accurate, project specific models | Recording + Shared Notes available
  3. Carlos Abrahams: How do I perform automated recordings of bird assemblages?| Recording + Shared Notes available
  4. Tessa Rhinehart: How do I scale up acoustic surveys with Audiomoths and automated processing? | Recording + Shared Notes available
  5. Eric Becker: How do I baboon-proof my hardware? | (RESCHEDULED -DATE TBC)
  6. Laure Joanny, Rob Appleby, and Alistair Stewart: How do I repair my camera traps? | Recording + Shared Notes available
  7. Nigel Butcher: How do I easily build bespoke conservation technology? What are the key things I should think about / look out for? | Recording + Shared Notes available
  8. Debbie Saunders: How do I use a drone to capture VHF tracking data? | Recording + Shared Notes available
  9. Ineke Knot: How do I use portable genomics in the field? | Recording + Shared Notes available
  10.  Freaklabs with Akiba & Jacinta: How do I get started with Arduino? Customised datalogging with WildLogger | Recording + Shared Notes available

Become a Tech Tutor

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