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Innovate for Wildlife and People: Incentivising and rewarding community-based wildlife conservation

The WWF Wildlife Practice is hosting an innovation challenge focused on increasing the long-term benefits of conservation efforts for local people. The Challenge is being hosted on the Impactio platform, a WWF Panda Labs initiative. Project submissions are due February 24, 2020.

The Challenge

‘How can benefits for local people be increased, strengthened, diversified, and have longer-term economic viability to incentivise and reward wildlife conservation?’

(Read the full challenge description and context in the application guide below)

The Impactio Platform

Impactio is a state of the art platform, powered by blockchain, designed to bring together the best global talent to surface impactful and investable conservation solutions. The platform is set up to engage leading subject matter experts from around the world to collaborate with you and help you improve your project ideas. Following submission, your project will go through a review and curation phase, allowing these subject matter experts from a wide variety of different spheres and areas of expertise to review and make suggestions to strengthen your project, before a final decision by the expert community is made on which project to endorse and fund.

Funding and Projects

We are looking for innovative ideas in need of validation or which have undertaken some initial validation that needs expanding. We define innovative as ‘new and / or experimental approaches to problem solving’. This could include innovative technical solutions, behavioural solutions, business models, governance models or new applications of any of these. Successful projects will be able to show how they have experimented or will experiment (using sound methodology) with an approach that could be replicated and / or scaled. Projects in the range of 20,000-50,000 USD will be considered for funding under this challenge. Larger funding requests and projects that are endorsed by the Impactio process but not funded under this challenge will be open to funding by other potential funders on Impactio. 

What can we offer

  • Seed funds for validation and / or scaling
  • Access to global experts to collaborate with you to refine your concept or project
  • Exposure to a global network of influential people and organisations
  • Continued support following the challenge to help you get through validation
  • Participation in an innovative breakthrough platform aimed at accelerating progress towards SDGs

WWF & Partners

This innovation round is open to WWF and external organizations. You can support the challenge by sharing this information and application guide. 

Key dates

  • Preparation period: Today - February 10, 2020
  • Early expression of interest: 28 January 09:00 GMT - 10 February 23:59 GMT, 2020. Early expression of interest ensures a project is featured prominently on the platform during review.
  • Project submission: 11 February 00:00 GMT - 24 February 23:59 GMT
  • Review: 3 March - 23 March (Project Leader must be available to respond to input)
  • Final List Published: 21 April 2020

Key resources

The full challenge and materials are available here on Impactio. Contact us at this address