Community Guidelines

WILDLABS is a community specifically set up for field based conservationists and technology experts to connect, share ideas and collaborate to find technology-enabled solutions to some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our planet. We want to build a friendly, safe and engaging community for all, and in order to make sure we do this we have put together these Community Guidelines to support how we interact with each other. 

By using this Website, you agree to these guidelines and our Website Terms of Use. If you have questions relating to these guidelines, you can get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Information About Us

WILDLABS.NET (the “Website”) is owned by Fauna & Flora International, a limited company registered in England under company number 2677068 and a registered charity under charity number 1011102, whose registered office is at The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke St, Cambridge CB2 3QZ, UK, representing the WILDLABS collaboration.



Although there are areas of the Website that are reserved for members only and private conversations, please remember that anyone could be reading what you post. Take care with details which could identify anyone involved in the work that you are involved in. Exercise caution in revealing proprietary, confidential information or sensitive information from your organisation. If the location of your work is sensitive, do not use the location tagging functionality of the Website and take care with personal details such as addresses, phone numbers and information about your personal life and the personal life of others. 

No matter where you talk on the Website, when discussing sensitive information about your work we suggest anonymising it.

Style, manners and language

We expect everyone to conduct themselves in a professional manner in keeping with the professional status of this community. Present your opinions and positions in a tactful and moderate fashion, and always give the benefit of the doubt. Remember, not everyone has English as a first language and that things may not come across as intended.

Spirited debates and opinionated comments are always welcome, but any unnecessary rudeness or disrespect is not. Please be nice to each other and share your ideas in a civilised and measured manner. Assume goodwill and hold fire on the assumption that most misunderstandings arise from the text-based format of the discussion rather than the negative intent on the part of others. Learn to listen to written words and the person behind the words. We encourage everyone to practice the count-to-ten method: if something makes you upset or angry, walk away from the computer for a while so that when you return you can continue the discussion in a more composed state. Finally, please refrain from dominating conversations and let everyone have a voice in the discussion.

The use of swearing, offensive and threating language, and uploading images which may cause offence is strictly prohibited and we have the right to edit and/or remove such content or any other content from the Website that we believe may cause offence. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis but we have the right to restrict you from using the Website if we believe that you have breached these guidelines.

Advertising and promotion

We encourage appropriate professional engagement, i.e. the sharing of your experience, offering recommendations and professional networking. 

We are very interested in what you do and the projects you are working on - this is the purpose of the Website. Remember, this is a community where collaboration is the key to creating a meaningful place where we can all learn and share experiences. Therefore, we do not allow website users to use our Website for the purposes of selling or promoting services or products and we may remove such content and discontinue your right to use the website if we believe that you are using the website for this purpose. 

To ensure the community remains usable, please be thoughtful about where you begin new conversations. If you begin an off-topic thread in a group, the moderator may move your conversation into a more appropriate group or remove it entirely if it is considered spam. Likewise, please ensure your comments within a conversation remain on topic. Off-topic comments may be moved into a new thread to allow the discussion to continue, or if they are considered spam they will be removed. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 


As explained in our Website Terms of Use, content that you upload must not infringe the rights of any other person or organisation. If we believe that the content that you have uploaded on to the Website is likely to infringe the rights of a third party or if we believe that the content uploaded violates the these guidelines or our Website Terms of Use we have the right to edit or remove such content at our discretion. We also have the right to suspend and/or permanently restrict your access to the website if we believe that you have uploaded or used the website in a way which is contrary to these guidelines and/or Website Terms of Use.

Content added to the website within groups, discussions or comments made by the Website’s members are not endorsed or reflective of Fauna & Flora International or the WILDLABS Partnership.

Reporting and Moderation

Your Community Manager is Stephanie O’Donnell, and you can reach her at [email protected]. As moderator of WILDLABS, Stephanie is here to help keep things friendly, collaborative and engaging.

This website is post-moderated, which means that all commentary and discussion will appear on the website as soon as you post it. All posts will be reviewed and checked as soon as possible. If you find something which you think breaches the terms of these Guidelines or the Website Terms of Use, report it to Stephanie so she can help find a solution.

Technical Issues

We hope everything is in working order. If you discover any technical issues with the website, please let us know: [email protected]