What type of post do I want? 

What’s the difference between a case study, an article, and discussion post? Great question! Selecting the correct post type will give you access to the best editing tools and ensure you're speaking to the right part of our community.


Are you looking for answers to a conservation tech question? Do you need help troubleshooting or are you looking for advice on a project? Want to connect with potential collaborators or discuss specific conservation challenges? Starting a Discussion will let you reach our supportive community of conservation tech peers. 


Do you have thoughts on the present and future of conservation tech? Do you have ideas and knowledge to share about topics that are important to our community? Publishing your orginal articles, essays and blogs on WILDLABS will get your ideas in front of our global, cross sector audience. 

Not sure if you're posting an article or a discussion? Our article content type gives you more edting and formatting options that give you control over how the content is displayed. If you are looking to publish a medium article or blog post, then you're probably thinking about publishing an article rather than a discussion. 


Invite the WILDLABS community to learn with you by creating an Event invite! Whether in-person or virtual, sharing your event on WILDLABS will help it reach enthusiastic attendees with an interest in conservation tech topics of all kinds. Once you add an event, it will display in our Conservation Technology Event Calendar.  

News & Announcements

Do you want to share the latest happenings from the conservation tech world or highlight recent a accomplishment with our community? Let our community know about it by posting a news and announcements post. 

Project Update

We love seeing updates from different projects community members are working on. We often see members sharing their work in progress, particularly when they've hit a question or need some advice about moving through a challenge. Use this content type to show us what you’re working on, share progress and lessons learned along the way, and get feedback and advice on your work!

Project updates will show as new Discussions. This content type is geared towards more casual, interactive conversation and feedback, which is what people posting project updates tend to be seeking. Once you've finished your project, or reached a significant milestone, you can share your work and reflect on the lessons learnt along the by posting a case study. 

Case Study

Ready to show off a completed conservation tech project? Create a Case Study to give our community a detailed look at your work, share valuable knowledge that others can learn from, and show the conservation world some of the impressive and innovative work happening in the WILDLABS community!

Careers & Fundings Opportunities 

Do you have a job opening you're looking to fill? A PhD or Postdoc opportunity seeking candidates? Or a funding opportunity relevant to our community? We share conservation tech related career and funding opportunities from across the globe with our community. 

Access to funding opportunity post types is limited for now to prevent spam, so to get your funding opportunities listed, just email [email protected] and we'll either give you access or someone in our team will post your opportunity. 


Seen something cool in the conservation tech world? Share a link with our community - if you think it’s cool, others will too! Whether you’ve found a great conservation tech video, resource, research paper, or something else, we want to hear about it!

Something else? 

Do you want to post something that doesn't fit in any of these categories? Our development roadmap will improve these current types of post and add new types in coming months, so tell us what you would like to see. Share your ideas and requests in this thread.