Camera Trapping: Incredibly Useful Resources List

Ahead of the upcoming Camera Trapping Sympoisum, organiser Arie Hammond has compiled a list of key resources for camera trapping, covering everything from reading lists for beginners to data sets, models and tools for advanced users. Want to add something to the list? Let us know here

Date published: 2019/11/05



The Art and Science of Camera Trapping, Ryan Valdez

Camera trapping for conservation: A guide to best practices, Oliver Wearn & Paul Glover-Kapfer

A Practical Guide to Using Camera Traps for Wildlife Monitoring in Natural Resource Management Projects, Shaun William Molloy

"Which camera trap type and how many do I need?” A review of camera features and study designs for a range of wildlife research applications, Francesco Rovero et al.

Camera Trap Recommendations, eMammal

Get Started With Camera Traps to Nab Unusual Bird Photos, Jen Guyton


Stay up to date

WILDLABS: Camera Trap Community

WILDLABS: Computer Vision Community

The Wildlife Society

Mongabay: Camera Trapping News

The Conversation: Camera Traps


Camera Trapping Guide: Tracks, Sign, and Behavior of Eastern Wildlife, Janet Pesaturo

Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature, Roland Kays

Camera Trapping: Wildlife Management and Research, Paul Meek et al.

Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research (Data in the Wild), Francesco Rovero & Fridolin Zimmerman


We've collated these videos into a Camera Trapping playlist on the WILDLABS Youtube Channel. 

Camera Setup 2016, Smithsonian eMammal

Camera Trapping 101 Installing your camera trap, Robert Vennell (Ecology Ngātahi)

Camera Trap 101 - Why camera trap for wildlife photography?, Tom Mason

How (Not) to Camera Trap in the Amazon Rainforest, Phil Torres

My Nature Watch - DIY wildlife camera, Bill Gaver and Mike Vanis

WILDLABS Virtual Meetup: Camera Trapping

Software and Workflows


Timelapse, Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary

Camera Base, Mathias Tobler, San Diego Zoo Global

Agouti, Wageningen University & INBO

Wildlife Insights, Conservation International, NCMNS, WCS, & more

Zooniverse, University of Minnesota

MammalWeb, Durham University

Instant Wild, Zoological Society of London

ViXeN, Ramachandran & Devarajan

camtrapR, Niedballa et al.


5 Most common trail camera myths, Trail Cam Pro

HALT Camera Trap (for Herpetofauna and small mammals), Hobbs Ecology

NextGen Camera Trap Project, Conservation X Labs

Computer Vision



Wildlife Protection Solutions



Where’s the Bear?

Trailcam Data





Synthetic Examples Improve Generalization for Rare Classes, Beery et al,2019

Camera‐trapping version 3.0: current constraints and future priorities for development, Glover-Kapfer et al., 2019

Automatically identifying, counting, and describing wild animals in camera-trap images with deep learning, Norouzzadeh et al, 2018

An Animal Detection Pipeline for Identification, Parham et al, 2018

Machine learning to classify animal species in camera trap images: Applications in ecology, Tabak et al, 2019

Responsible AI for Conservation, Wearn et al, 2019

Identifying animal species in camera trap images using deep learning and citizen science, Willi et al, 2018

A transient search using combined human and machine classifications, Wright et al, 2017

Fast human-animal detection from highly cluttered camera-trap images using joint background modeling and deep learning classification, Yousif et al, 2017

Models & Tools

WAMCam (Wildlife Advanced Monitoring Camera)

Sensing Clues (Jan Kees)

PoacherCam (Panthera)

Image Classifier, Willi et al.

Microsoft AI for Earth - Megadetector

AnDeNet (Animal Detection Network), Ersts & Horning



Leopard camera trap dataset

Tigers from Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand

GBIF Datasets

If this list isn't enough and you want more, check out Everything I know about Machine Learning and Camera Traps, compiled by Dan Morris. 

About the Author

Arie Hammond is based at the San Diego Zoo Global Library, and is developing camera trap computer vision and digital curation practices with the Ecological Data Management research team at Rutgers. She also serves on the tech committee for Wildlife Insights, and as membership chair for SLA San Diego.

Header image: Jeremy Holden/FFI

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