Job Opportunity: Conservation Detection Dog Handler/Field Technician with Find It Detection Dogs

Find It Detection Dogs is seeking applicants for a six-month position working as a dog handler/wildlife technician in Western Oregon and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Applications are due January 2, 2019.

Date published: 2018/12/19

Location: Colorado, Oregon, and Michigan

Salary: $2400/month plus housing

Start Date: 02/27/2019

Last Date to Apply: 01/02/2019

Job Description

Six-month position (March till early September) working as a dog handler/wildlife technician in Western Oregon and the upper peninsula of Michigan. This position requires approximately 10 km hiking off trail daily in steep, rough terrain with very dense, often wet, vegetation. Handler is responsible for safely managing a wildlife detection dog and collecting appropriate data. Handler is also responsible for the care of dogs in a backcountry setting.

Dog handling is a very rewarding, but very physically and mentally demanding job which requires the following:

  • Hiking and working in adverse conditions including wet weather, extremely dense vegetation, steep terrain, bogs, and mosquito and black fly swarms that require head nets and patience of steel.
  • Early morning hours. During the longest days of the year, we start our days at 3:30 AM. If you are not a morning person, please do not apply for this job.
  • The first 3 months will be working with little or no time off. The work schedule is in 4-day cycles. We work in the field for 3 days then travel to the next worksite on the 4th day. There will be very little personal time off during these 3 months and non-field days will be spent moving camp, taking care of dogs, and resupplying.


  • Preference will be given to applicants with multiple years’ field experience; those who have worked out of a backcountry camp; and those with experience with working dogs.
  • Experience performing field work and navigating using a GPS in arduous conditions
  • Applicants should be in excellent physical condition with the ability to work long hours in hot, cold, and/or wet field conditions without complaint. Applicants should also have experience working with others while maintaining a positive, friendly, and professional attitude. Applicants should have an interest in large mammals and carnivores.
  • At least two years of college (bachelor’s degree preferred) including courses in natural sciences.
  • Experience driving 4WD vehicles and towing trailers.
  • Clean driving record and completion of a two-week handler course starting 2/27/2019.

To Apply

Email resume and 3 references to Greg Davidson

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