Job Opportunity: PhD Graduate Assistantship in deep learning for wildlife community ecology

The Levi and Lesmeister Labs at Oregon State University and USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station are seeking a Ph.D. Student Research Assistant to work on automated species detection using bioacoustics and camera trap data. Applications are due January 31, 2019.

Date published: 2019/01/07

Location: Corvallis, OR

Salary: GRA Stipend

Start Date: 09/15/2019


We are looking for an experienced Ph.D. graduate student to begin in Fall 2019 for dissertation research focused on the following:

  1. Implementation of convolutional neural networks for automated species detection using bioacoustics and camera trap data
  2. Quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics in species distribution, abundance, and interactions
  3. Making inferences about species response to forestry, development, and other land use change

The Ph.D. student should be intellectually curious and will have the flexibility to pursue independent research interests. This position requires strong ecological and analytical capacity and aptitude. The student will work with Dr. Levi and Dr. Lesmeister based out of Corvallis, Oregon. This position is an excellent opportunity for students interested in avian and mammalian ecology, conservation, and management, and for students interested in applying quantitative and computational methods to applied ecological and conservation problems.


Successful candidates will be accomplished in writing, statistics, and ecological modeling. Applicants must have a MS degree except in exceptional circumstances. Preferred candidates will have previous experience in all or some of the following: a demonstrated ability to work with GIS and R, a strong record of publication in peer-reviewed journals, and basic programming skills.


To apply, send (1) a letter of interest, (2) resume, (3) GRE scores, (4) transcripts, (5) writing sample, and (6) contact information (email and phone number) for three references to Prof. Taal Levi and Dr. Damon Lesmeister.

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