Job Opportunity: Social Enterprise Consultant for UCL’s Extreme Citizen Science Social Enterprise

UCL is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Social Enterprise Consultant (SEC) to manage the initial set up of ExCiteS Social Enterprise (ESE). Applications are due Feb 11, 2019.

Date published: 2019/02/06

Location: L:ondon. UK

Funding: £40,000

Contract: 1 year+

Start Date: 25 February 2019


The Extreme Citizen Science group, set up about 8 years ago, has developed two main technological infrastructures – Sapelli software to allow data collection by low-literacy participants, and GeoKey, a data management system for community mapping. We have also developed an engagement approach that allows for the co-production of the data collection process, and for sharing of the information in a culturally sensitive and ethical way. These developments were funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

We now have funding to grow these activities (and in particular the use of Sapelli) into a social enterprise – the ExCiteS Social Enterprise (or ESE), via the Accelerated Market Entry and Upgrade project (AcuMEn). To do this, we are looking for a consultant (who will be encouraged to apply for the post of director once the organisation is set up). We have £40,000 to enable the consultant to dedicate themselves to develop the organisation over a year and a bit.

Position details 

This project will consist of three work packages (WPs), of which this project is the first:

WP 1: Secure initial funding for contracts, consolidate project delivery approach and build initial team, as well as control WP 2 and WP 3 in consultation with UCL ExCiteS. Towards the end of 2019, the role of a permanent director will be advertised via an open application process.

WP 2: Hire expert social enterprise consultants to develop a clear commercial strategy and 18-month roadmap in line with ExCiteS’ ethos of social responsibility and collaboration.

WP 3: Software consultancy to deliver key improvements to Sapelli, the mobile data gathering platform developed by the group through the last decade of research.

Please note that the exact constitution of the other work packages may be subject to change, depending on how this first phase of work proceeds.


This is a fixed cost contract of £40,000, which will be released on the completion of fixed milestones as set out below and in the Specification. 

  • Management, Reporting and Operations 
  • Tendering and Fundraising 
  • Project Delivery 
  • Overall completion of the project 

The achievement of these milestones will be signed off by the project board in formal review sessions. All fees are inclusive of VAT and of day-to-day travel and subsistence expenses. Some expenses may be requested for specific project related travel such as attending an industry event, however this must be agreed with UCL in writing prior to travel. 

To Apply

Apply for this post by responding to the tender available here.

For more information contact Muki Haklay or see his blog post on this opportunity,

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