Camera Trap Technology Symposium: Bringing Developers and Users Together

Rutgers University, Microsoft AI for Earth, Google Earth Outreach and San Diego Zoo Global are proud to announce the world’s first camera trap technology symposium, to take place November 7th and 8th at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Registration now open.

Date published: 2019/09/02

The symposium aims to encourage conversation and collaboration between the camera trap user community and technology developers, and will feature software and hardware demos from Wildlife Insights, Wild Me, TimeLapse, and Conservify, as well as presentations from Zooniverse, the University of British Columbia, the University of Utah, and more. 

The event will also include virtual presentations from Appiko, TrailCamPro, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and a camera trapping field trip to the University of California Santa Cruz and Stanford University.

In-person participation will be limited to 100 people, however virtual attendance is highly encouraged. Opportunities are open for a virtual lounge moderator, poster presenters, and roundtable hosts, all of whom will receive waived registration fees. 

This symposium is driven by the enthusiasm of the camera trap community, for which our goal is to provide a forum to share ideas, overcome common tech challenges, and support global conservation efforts.

Registration is now open here

More information can be found at

Please send all inquiries to [email protected]


Virtual Lounge



We highly recommend attending this session as it will be entirely virtual, and allows the most attendee participation.

If you would like to present at this session, please contact [email protected] (non-plant submissions will be considered)

All of these sessions will be recorded and uploaded online.

Header image: Jeremy Holden / FFI

Symposium Program

As the event gets closer, we'll keep our camera trapping group updated with the latest information about getting involved. Join members there to stay in touch. 

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