Online Training Opportunity: Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro

Interested in bat acoustics and the software options available for automatic species identification? Bat Conservation Trust's Kaleidoscope Pro training course, now conveniently offered online, will provide ecological consultants and other bat conservationists the chance to gain experience using professional acoustic analysis software and test its identification, visualization, and database capabilities. Participants will leave this one-day training session with a better understanding of how to incorporate this software into their own work to process large data sets. Register here for the April 24th online course.

Date published: 2020/04/06

Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro

"Fantastic introduction to Kaleidoscope Pro. The course is run at a great pace and Paul makes it both a useful and enjoyable training event." - Course Participant, 2017

A one-day course aimed at ecological consultants, the course will focus on both the free and full versions of Kaleidoscope and its ability to analyse large data sets. The course will be led by Wildlife Acoustics' Paul Howden-Leach, an expert in Kaleidoscope Pro. All profits from the course will go to the Bat Conservation Trust.

This course is now also available as an online version, enabling you to enjoy interactive training with Paul from the comfort of your own home. This course offers the same training adapted for a virtual environment and without the cost and hassle of travelling somewhere. You will be able to make use of the training licence for the software, ask your questions, get help with the exercises when you get stuck and interact with other students, just as on the in-person training courses.

Upcoming dates:

24 April 2020 - online course (Register here)

20 October 2020 - Engine Shed, Bristol (adjacent to Bristol Temple Meads station) (Register here)

For information on how we process your data, follow this link.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding bat echolocation – physics of sound
  • Principals of bat detectors, including differences in technology relating to zero crossing, full spectrum, heterodyne and time expansion
  • How to use the free Kaleidoscope Viewer, file converter and noise scrubber
  • Dealing with large data sets using Kaleidoscope Pro auto ID software
  • Principals of cluster analysis within Kaleidoscope Pro and its applications
  • Exporting the results

Prior knowledge: A basic understanding of bat identification is recommended, although not essential.

CPD: A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded that can be used as evidence for CPD.


£75 online course

£120 in person course

Discounts: £5 for BCT members, 10% multi-buy discount if booking 3 or more course places

About the Bat Conservation Trust training course programme:

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