WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge

Apply now for the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge! With a $6,500 award, expert AI mentorship from Edge Impulse, and access to the world’s biggest conservation technology community, this fellowship can help you create something unique, innovative, and impactful with machine learning on the edge.

To apply, download the application below and submit by Sunday, August 15th 2021.

NOTE: A Gmail outage briefly impacted our application inbox on August 14th for a few hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a couple hours of submitting your application, please forward your application to [email protected] to be sure it is received!

Header image: The Bear ID Project

Date published: 2021/07/22


We’re proud to announce the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge, launched in partnership with the machine learning experts of Edge Impulse. 

How can Edge Impulse’s AI tools and support help the WILDLABS conservation tech community harness the power of machine learning in areas like:

  • Analyzing huge amounts of acoustic data to identify endangered species in rainforest soundscapes?
  • Integrating machine learning into camera trap surveys to spot elusive species?
  • Understanding individual animals’ ranges and movements with biologging data?
  • Developing open source tools for the conservation tech community?

If you have a machine learning-powered idea, the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge can help you bring it to life and share it with the global conservation technology community!

On The Edge Fellowship Poster

Image: Arribada Initiative / ZSL

This new Fellowship is created to support outstanding applicants of all career levels whose conservation projects use machine learning on the edge and have potential for real-world impact on conservation. Alongside mentors from Edge Impulse and WILDLABS, the chosen Fellows will work at the intersection of engineering and conservation to bring innovative, cutting-edge ideas to life.

"The partnership with WILDLABS is aligned with our mission to give developers the best machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for doing good in the world. We're proud to be the first supporters of the WILDLABS fellowship program, and look forward to supporting new climate tech in the coming years." Zach Shelby, Edge Impulse co-founder and CEO

We challenge applicants to imagine how machine learning can transform their own conservation projects, through solutions that are big, small, or scalable. You don’t need to be an expert in machine learning to apply; through Edge Impulse’s invaluable mentorship for Fellows, you’ll develop the skills you need to apply machine learning to your work - both on this project and in the future! And if you're wondering what exactly Machine Learning on the Edge is, and whether your project is eligible, check out our FAQ Page. 

Over the course of one year, the chosen Fellows will receive:

  • A $6,500 award from Edge Impulse
  • The support of an Edge Impulse Mentor with expertise in machine learning
  • A public platform to share and publish progress and results, with project coverage through Edge Impulse and WILDLABS’ various content channels, including virtual events, case studies, and interviews.
  • The WILDLABS team’s ongoing support to help your project updates and results have far-reaching impact in our community and beyond.
  • Access to the WILDLABS community’s network of conservation tech experts
  • Access to other training and project resources from Edge Impulse

We also believe that conservation technology should be accessible, and that conservation technology communities like WILDLABS must work to become more inclusive and make opportunities, tools, training, funding, and support readily available to those who have not had the same access to such things in the past. In the spirit of support and inclusivity, women and underrepresented applicants are highly encouraged to apply, even if you just starting out exploring how machine learning can be applied to help in your conservation work. Building accessibility to machine learning tools and conservation technology networks is a key aspect of this fellowship, and we welcome applications from those who have not yet had these opportunities in their careers.

Acoustic ML

Image: Carly Batist and Emmanuel Dufourq

Project Criteria

We’re seeking applicants with projects that are in progress or active development, and could benefit from funding and support to move their projects forward. 

All projects should significantly feature machine learning aspects, and be able to demonstrate how machine learning will enhance or transform their final results.

Submitted projects should have some previously demonstrated viability in the field, lab, personal trials, through modeling, or through past experience. Projects that could realistically reach field testing, deployment, or use by the end of one year are ideal; however, we also encourage projects that can make significant progress toward development or scalability to apply. 

Applicants of all skill levels, stages of development, and professional or academic affiliations (including independent conservation tech developers) are welcome to apply.

Women and underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply, as building accessibility to machine learning tools and conservation technology networks is a key aspect of this fellowship.

Visit our FAQ page for more details on suitable projects.

How to Become a Fellow

To apply for a fellowship, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're familiar with the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge Terms & Conditions and FAQs.
  2. Download the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge Application Form (also below) and tell us about your machine learning-powered project.
  3. Submit it to [email protected]

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 15th 2021 at 11:55 PM GMT.

NOTE: A Gmail outage briefly impacted our application inbox on August 14th for a few hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a couple hours of submitting your application, please forward your application to [email protected] to be sure it is received. If you are struggling to submit your application through Gmail, contact Ellie for assistance via her email address or on Twitter. In the event of another Gmail outage near the deadline, don't worry-  let us know you experienced an issue and we will work with you to receive your application. 

WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge Application Form

Selection Process 

Following the submission deadline on Sunday, August 15th 2021 at 11:55 PM GMT:

  1. Submitted proposals will be assessed by leadership from both WILDLABS and Edge Impulse. 
  2. Applications will be considered in terms of innovation, usefulness of future applications, and possibility for future development or scalability. The selection team will also consider how applicants could benefit from the support of this fellowship in terms of accessibility for underrepresented groups, women, and others who can utilize the provided mentorship, training, and the WILDLABS platform’s visibility to bring much-needed diversity and unique perspective to conservation technology. 
  3. Shortlisted candidates for the Fellowship will be contacted within the following three weeks.
  4. Interviews for the Fellowship will be conducted by selection committee from WILDLABS and Edge Impulse in the first week of September.
  5. Successful fellow(s) will be notified of their selection on or around the 27th September, 2021.
  6. Successful fellow(s) will begin their year of the Fellowship upon receiving the award of $6,500.

On The Edge Fellowship Poster

Image: The Bear ID Project

Award Package

At this stage, up to two Fellows will be selected for this application period, and will be announced in late September 2021.

Fellows will receive an award of $6,500 to put directly toward the proposed project’s development. 

Over the course of one year from the start date of the Fellowship period, Fellows will engage with Edge Impulse machine learning experts to be mentored with Edge Impulse’s AI tools. 

Fellows will also receive the ongoing support of WILDLABS’ team of communications, community, research, and events experts to help the Fellows effectively share their progress and results, and make connections within the conservation technology community.

Key Dates

  • July 22nd, 2021: WILDLABS Fellowships: On the Edge launches
  • August 15th, 2021: Deadline for submission
  • August - September, 2021: Edge Impulse and WILDLABS leadership assesses applications
  • September, 2021: Prospective fellows are interviewed by the selection team
  • On or around September 22nd, 2021: Successful fellows are notified 
  • On or around September 27th, 2021: WILDLABS Fellows are announced on WILDLABS
  • October 2021 - October 2022: WILDLABS Fellows develop their projects, receive mentorship from Edge Impulse experts, and share their progress and results with the support of WILDLABS.

WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge Rules and Requirements

Visit the WILDLABS Fellowship: On the Edge Terms & Conditions for the fellowship rules and requirements. 

Apply now

On The Edge Fellowship Poster

Download the form to begin your application. Please provide as much information as possible about your project, including any links that will help us understand your work. Send completed application forms to [email protected]. Please use the following title and format in your email subject line: “[Your Name] On the Edge Fellowship Application”. 

Apply by August 15th 2021 at 11:55 PM GMT for consideration.

Prospective fellows will be contacted for follow-up interviews to take place in early September 2021.

Due to the large volume of anticipated applications, applicants will only be contacted if they have progressed to the interview stage of the selection process. Any updates or changes to the selection process timeline will be shared on WILDLABS.

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