Funding Opportunity: Ecotone Telemetry Equipment Grants

Ecotone Telemetry is currently seeking applicants for its equipment grants. The grant encompasses up to 20 GPS loggers, support services and other benefits for the recipients. Applicants must use external harnesses/collars in securing GPS devices and publish results in a scientific journal. Applications must be sent to [email protected] before the end of December 2017. 

Date published: 2017/10/19

Ecotone Telemetry Grants 2017:

Use of innovative telemetry methods in ecological, eco-physiological or zoological wildlife research that may employ:

  • GPS tracking with GSM, GPRS or UHF data download
  • Activity monitoring based on acceleration activity reports
  • Raw acceleration data analyses
  • Use of diving duration or TDR data

Two fully funded grants, or one fully funded and two partially funded grants will be awarded, maximal funding includes:

  • Consultation and support from Ecotone specialists for logger start-up, deployment and data collection at the early stages of the project
  • GPS loggers from Ecotone (up to 20 devices per project)
  • Data transfer costs for loggers throughout the project
  • Reimbursement of field work expenses (up to 5000 EUR)
  • Potential sponsored participation in the international conference

Grant requirements:

  • Project duration - 1-2 years
  • Research should have innovative nature
  • Collection and processing of all kinds of data available from the loggers
  • Presentation of preliminary results at international conference (oral presentation or workshop) till the end of 2018
  • Publication of results in journal with a high impact factor within one year of research completion
  • Trapping and deployment methods must conform with accepted practices or experiences of the provider
  • Project must be designed as to not endanger any wildlife population and cannot be invasive in relation to examined group of animals nor shall endanger local population chosen as a research object
  • External harness, collars or glue-on methods must be used to attach loggers (no implants or subcutaneous implanted hooks or anchors)
  • Project cannot be joined with other researches, in which telemetry devices of other companies will be used

Please see the application form and the requirements page for further details. Send completed applications to [email protected] before the end of December 2017.