Funding Opportunity: Turtle Conservation Grants via the Pacsafe Turtle Fund

The Pacsafe Turtle Fund is currently accepting applications for its grant program. These projects must benefit turtle species that are listed on the IUCN Red List as either Endangered or Critically Endangered. It is suggested that applicants be for locally run projects and that the groups have a proven track record of succes working on sea turtle conservation projects. The deadline to apply is September 30th, 2017

Date published: 2017/09/14

The Pacsafe Turtle Fund's vision is a world with healthy oceans and coastlines where all marine turtles, symbolic of balanced ecosystems, can travel and flourish in a safe environment, and are not threatened with extinction. Pacsafe believes in giving back to its global community and plans to do this by providing funding to local initiatives, working through experts and communities on turtle conservation projects, where our support will really make a difference, globally. Our priorities are projects that boost the numbers and survival of sea turtle species that are currently on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Please find below the guidelines for submission of a grant application. Application dates are from August 1st to September 30th. 


Application notes:

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered 
  • Complete applications can be submitted via email to [email protected]
  • Pacsafe will contact projects with a final decision on 1st December
  • Payments will be typically paid in three installments under the following conditions:
    • One installment will be disbursed prior to the project’s commencement
    • The second installment will be disbursed after the interim report has been received
    • The third installment will be disbursed after the final report has been received
    • All installments are subject to receiving the interim and final reports
  • If applicants have additional questions or need more guidance after reviewing these guidelines, please contact Stephanie Schlipper, [email protected]

Who is eligible to apply for a Pacsafe Turtle Fund grant?

  • Projects that conserve at least one of the five sea turtle species that are specified as Critically Endangered or Endangered on the IUCN Red List: Hawksbill, Leatherback, Kemp’s Ridley, Loggerhead or Green Turtles
  • Locally run and community-based sea turtle conservation initiatives and organisations
  • Groups that have a proven track record of successful and impactful sea turtle conservation projects and activities
  • Turtle conservation groups that have the capacity to provide a clear budget breakdown and detailed reporting of conservation efforts
  • We accept applications from previously Pacsafe-funded projects and those projects that have been unsuccessful in the past

All turtle conservation projects fitting the above criteria are welcome to apply, however, additional consideration will be given to projects that are:

  • Registered charities under their local law e.g. American organizations whose purpose adheres to section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Projects that are based in the Asia Pacific Region or the Americas
  • Projects that offer local or international volunteers the ability to engage in their marine turtle conservation activities
  • Groups that have an accessible media presence such as a website or social media presence
  • Projects that run for one year

Who should not apply for a Pacsafe Turtle Fund grant? 

  • Projects that conserve tortoises or non-marine species of turtles (please refer again to the list of sea turtle species above) 
  • An individual person or families
  • Research projects including scientific research, university research, dissertation/student research
  • Projects requesting financial assistance only for administrative works
  • Projects that cannot provide a project budget breakdown detailing how and where the funds will be allocated
  • Organisations / groups that are affiliated or related to any Pacsafe member of staff
  • Governmental bodies

In your application, please be able to answer the following questions/requirements:

Organization Background:

  • Organisation Legal Status
  • Country of Registration (list all relevant countries)
  • Registration Address
  • Registration Number
  • Date of Registration
  • President / CEO
  • Vice president / Vice- Chair Person
  • Organisation Purpose / Mission Statement
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Volunteers
  • Number of Members
  • Annual Budget

Project Background:

  • Name of Project
  • Location of Project
  • Turtle Species Conserved
  • Project Budget (please state currency)
  • Amount Requested from Pacsafe
  • Duration of Project
  • Proposed Start and Finish Date
  • Does the project currently have any additional implementation partners beyond your organisation?
  • If yes, please give details of your project partners
  • Does the commencement of this project depend on securing other grants / funding in addition to that from Pacsafe?
  • If yes, please provide details of additional sources of funding (name, certainty of funding, when expected)
  • Will this project still be able to go ahead if the other funding is not secured?
  • Can the project still go ahead if Pacsafe provides only partial funding?
  • Have you applied to Pacsafe for funding before?
  • Briefly describe the history of the organisation
  • Briefly describe the history of the project
  • Please list out three past project successes (provide references / links where possible):

Conservation Details: 

  • Briefly describe the sea turtle species or habitat your project is proposing to conserve, enhance or restore
  • Briefly describe the identified threats to the turtle population and conservation efforts
  • Please explain how the project activities will protect the sea turtle species’ and / or habitats from these identified threats
  • Please list out your top 3 objectives and how the project will help attain these
  • Please give further details of how the project will be sustainable after funding from Pacsafe has finished

Community Impact:

  • Please explain how the project will involve local people
  • Does the project have a community education component to it?
  • If not, please explain why not
  • If yes, please give details how the project will educate and communicate with local people / communities of interest
  • Will educational or promotional materials be created?
  • If yes, please provide details of the educational or promotional materials (audience, format, purpose, description)

Visiting the Project:

  • Will Pacsafe Representatives / Volunteers be able to visit the specified project?
  • If not, please explain why this is not possible
  • If yes, please detail the conservation activities the Pacsafe team can be involved in
  • Maximum number of visitors allowed
  • Maximum duration for visit
  • Most appropriate month(s) / date to visit project
  • Is there accommodation located close to the project for visitors?
  • Please detail accommodation type
  • Are there any safety concerns for visitors in the region of the proposed project?
  • If yes, please provide details of safety concerns and if the project offers any solutions / protection for these concerns
  • Does the project expect any other visitors for the duration of the proposed sponsorship period (researchers, other volunteers, tourists)?
  • If yes, please provide details of your expected visitors:

Working Relationship:

  • If your project is accepted, please describe how you see your project’s relationship with Pacsafe moving forward in terms of communication?
  • Can you provide Pacsafe with an interim report about the project’s progress to date?
  • Can you provide Pacsafe with a final report including the provision of all financial receipts/documents?
  • Can you be readily available to receive and provide email correspondence for the duration of the sponsorship period?
  • Can you provide Pacsafe with photos of the conservation project during the sponsorship period?
  • Would Pacsafe have the right to use your organisation/project trademarks in relevant marketing materials?
  • What marketing opportunities can you offer for a corporate sponsor such as Pacsafe?

Applicants must include the following documents with theircompleted application:

  • A detailed and itemized project budget breakdown to show how and where funds will be allocated
  • Provide a separate budget item (not to be included in the project budget total) that outlines any incurred costs for Pacsafe representatives / volunteers visiting the project: based on 2 people visiting for 5 days
  • A timeline for the project’s proposed duration
  • Attach any other supporting documentation that you think will help with your application (educational material examples/past reports / awards / articles)