Funding Opportunity: Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grants

Wildlife Acoustics is awarding up to $5,000 of product every quarter to grant recipients worldwide in order to enable those involved in animal biology, research, and conservation to do their best work easily and quickly. The next grant application deadline is February 15, 2019. 

Date published: 2018/11/26


Wildlife Acoustics' mission is to support efforts in conservation and environmental stewardship. We want to enable those involved in animal biology, research and conservation to do their best work easily and quickly. To that end, Wildlife Acoustics has established a grant program to support bioacoustics research efforts from chiropteran, avian, terrestrial, amphibious and marine wildlife, to everything else in between.

How it Works

Every quarter, Wildlife Acoustics will be giving away up to $5,000 of product to grant recipients worldwide. If they choose to make the results public, recipients will also have their work featured on our website and social media channels.

Grant recipients must be associated with a charitable, educational or other tax-exempt organization. Consideration will be given to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Project makes significant use of bioacoustics for data collection and/or analysis.
  • The work advances scientific knowledge and contributes to long-term conservation.
  • The grant award would have significant impact on the success of the project.
  • The grant request provides adequate information to evaluate the project, including detailed expected outcomes and use of bioacoustics data to support those outcomes.
  • The project should begin in the year that the application is submitted, or in the following year if the application is submitted in the off-season.

Reporting Requirements

If you're awarded the grant you are expected to:

  • Provide written acceptance of awarded grant and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Maintain contact with us and provide quarterly updates on your project.
  • When possible, acknowledge the support of Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. in any presentations, meetings, publications and/or materials resulting from the project.
  • Submit a final report within two months of completion of the project, or that phase of the project. Refer to Reporting Guidelines for what is expected in the final report.

Important Note: If no reports are provided, you will be ineligible for future grants.

Reporting Guidelines

Email your quarterly and final reports to Wildlife Acoustics. Reports will include:

  • General Information such as date submitted and by whom.
  • Summary addressing the main findings, outcomes and successes of the project in 500 words or less.
  • Description of major goals and objectives of the project and how they were accomplished.
  • Description of the impact your findings and/or accomplishments will have on conservation. Also note any partnerships or collaborations that were created as a result of the project. Did/will your findings and/or accomplishments influence existing conservation/research priorities or policy?
  • Description of the long-term implications of the project and next steps.
  • Meaningful experience/story from the project that illustrates its impact /accomplishments. Copies of published short reports, journal articles, and popular media articles, etc. are appreciated.
  • If possible, include photographs that describe the project. Please number photographs and include appropriate captions for each. Each caption should include basic information about the activity, animal or habitat in the photo and the significance of the picture to the project. Please include the name of the photographer (for photo credit) as well as the names of any persons appearing in the frame.

Sharing Your Findings

Information provided in reports may be posted on Wildlife Acoustics' website. If requested, Wildlife Acoustics will delay the posting of project summaries to our website to keep this research confidential until official publication occurs

How to Apply



1. Download the Grant Application

Application Form

2. Complete all sections in English. Keep the responses to each question to 200 words.

3. You must include one letter of recommendation but you may submit up to 3 letters of recommendation and/or reference that you feel would be helpful in evaluating the application. These may be separate attachments and must be in English.

4. Include a copy of the organization's certificate/letter of tax exemption that shows tax-exempt and charitable or educational status. For countries without these, please see grant FAQs.

5. Email your completed application to Wildlife Acoustics. (Email address provided on application form.)

What to Expect

Applications are evaluated quarterly. If you miss a quarterly due date, you are welcome to submit your application for the next quarter. When we receive your application, we'll send you an email receipt that explains what's next.

Should you receive a grant, we'll contact you to confirm shipping details. We ship your products as soon as possible after the award decision. We will pay for all freight fees, however, you will be responsible for any duties and taxes for international shipments.

More info

For more information on preparing your application, eligibility, and other FAQs, visit the grant website.