Internship opportunity - Development of a collaborative annotation tool for audio data

The DYNI team (University of Toulon, France), is looking for a master student to contribute to the development of an open-source tool for collaborative audio annotation aiming at creating bioacoustic datasets. These datasets will be used to improve our models of automatic bioacoustic scene analysis (e.g. detection and identification of bird species, marine mammals).

Date published: 2018/01/15

A demo of an early version of the application is available at (username: demo / password: thedemo).

Duration: 3-6 month

Job: Investigation of collaborative annotation methods (i.e. how to integrate, for a given audio file, annotations from different persons?). Creation of functional and technical specifications. Implementation (addition of features, enhancement of the API and the UI…).


  • Good knowledge of standard front-end web technologies: HTML5, CSS, javascript, jQuery
  • Understanding and application of programming best practices: version control (git), documentation, tests, coding conventions

Good to have:

  • Knowledge of Python and Flask (used for the backend)
  • Knowledge of design and User eXperience
  • Examples of applications developed by the candidate  will be highly appreciated (ex. Github repositories)
  • An interest in bioacoustics and/or citizen science will be appreciated

Keywords: citizen science, collaborative annotation, web development, UI, audio, bioacoustics, javascript, jQuery, HTML5, Flask, Python, wavesurfer.js

Salary: 540 € / month

Application: send cover letter and resume to [email protected] and [email protected] (with subject “DyniTag internship”).