Job Opportunity: Machine Learning Developer at Skytruth

SkyTruth is seeking a machine learning engineer to join the Global Fishing Watch team. The engineer will help develop and operationalize algorithmic behaviour classification of the movements of fishing vessels extracted from time series position data detected by satellite. 

Date published: 2016/02/01

About SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch
SkyTruth is a not for profit, remote sensing and big data company with a mission to protect the environment by making more of it visible. In 2014, they launched an ambitious project called Global Fishing Watch which uses satellite tracking to detect when and where commercial fishing is happening in every ocean around the world, in near real time. The goal is to help save the oceans from damaging overfishing through greater transparency across all large commercial fishing operations in every country of the world. They plan to accomplish this through cutting edge application of machine learning and big data tools, media and outreach impact created by project partner Oceana, and technology depth provided by project partner Google.

About the SkyTruth Team

SkyTruth is a small group of dedicated people using remote-sensing technologies to help protect the earth by making more of the impacts of human activity visible to the people who live there. We use scientifically credible satellite images and other visual technologies to create compelling pictures that vividly illustrate environmental impacts, and provide these pictures and supporting data to environmental advocates, policy-makers, the media, and the public.

Essential Functions

  • Design, develop and implement algorithms to reliably detect defined behaviors from time series movement data
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of competing approaches to behavior classification in terms of accuracy and performance
  • Direct the production of machine learning training data
  • Build tools for analysts to use to interact with algorithm inputs and outputs
  • Perform ad hoc statistical and data mining analyses
  • Explore big data sets and discover interesting new patterns of behavior

Skills and Requirements

  • Python experience: 5+ years
  • Experience using machine learning techniques
  • Experience with scalable data architecture – e.g. Hadoop, Apache Storm, Cascading, Cloud dataflow etc
  • Experience working with big data in a data science role
  • Ability to work in a distributed team

Nice to Have

Experience with google cloud platform, scikit-learn, caffe, tensorflow, open source collaboration experience, gdal and other spatial tools, Java, Scala, R


  • Health care, 403(b), paid vacation
  • A better world to live in

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Include an explanation of why you want to work for SkyTruth and what projects they are doing that are of particular interest to you. Applications should be submitted before the end of February. 

For more information, visit the skytruth careers portal.

(Image Credit: Global Fishing Watch)

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