Ecology Live: Satellite Imagery, Land Cover Mapping, and More

The British Ecological Society's online webinar series Ecology Live welcomes experts to discuss their areas of studies, including many that intersect with conservation technology. In this featured webinar, Nathalie Pettorelli from ZSL discusses satellite imagery, time series, fusion, land cover mapping, and why this is relevant to the study of ecology.

You can view the full collection of previous Ecology Live webinars here, and register for this summer's upcoming Ecology Live presentations on the British Ecological Society website. New webinars take place every Thursday through August.

Date published: 2020/06/23

The British Ecological Society is broadcasting free online talks on the latest ecological research during the coronavirus lockdown period. In this talk, Nathalie Pettorelli of the Zoological Society of London talks about Satellite imagery, time series, fusion and land cover mapping, and why this is all relevant to ecology.

Information on land cover and land cover change is key for ecological research and environmental management. In most cases, this information is derived from satellite information. How this is done shapes the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information derived. In this talk, Nathalie explores how the recent availability of high spatial and temporal resolution optical and radar satellite imagery has dramatically increased opportunities for mapping land cover at fine scales using case studies in Africa and Asia.

These talks are aimed at anyone with an interest in the latest research in ecology and its applications, from undergraduates to working ecologists and research leaders.

Check out the rest of the Ecology Live schedule for this summer and register for upcoming talks here.

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