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Look into evorta.  It is an Australian company that is doing exactly this.  You can.Have an offline camera that can be trained to ID specific species, send you just...
Camera Traps, Connectivity 9 hours 38 minutes ago
Adrían - You might try looking at the methods for analyzing temporal interactions described in these two papers. These will hopefully provide you a starting point into the...
Camera Traps 12 hours 31 minutes ago
Hi Sarah, I'm currently doing a PhD with @tom_august to create artificial flowers for pollinator monitoring. I'm currently looking into the key attraction cues for each broad...
Camera Traps, Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects 13 hours 39 minutes ago
Interesting. Just to comment on the 'please do not use ChatGPT to write grant proposals' as an ambitious use case - personally, I wasn't suggesting or planning to use chatgpt to...
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AI for Conservation, Emerging Tech 15 hours 45 minutes ago
Speaking of LoRaWAN and remote connectivity, https://lacuna.space/news/ is worth looking out for it seems.
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Sensors 15 hours 46 minutes ago
I will certainly check this out! The crew on Open Acoustic Devices is fantastic!
Community Base 17 hours 20 minutes ago
Hi again Emily,@tom_august just pointed to this PhD thesis in another post that could be of interest to you also:All the best,Rob
Biologging 17 hours 36 minutes ago
Hi James - I'm working for Regen Network at the intersection of blockchain and ecosystem regeneration and am developing an Environmental Stewardship initiative that might be of...
Emerging Tech 18 hours 10 minutes ago
Hi Adam!I mostly live within the ecoacoustics space so I'll just speak on the hydrophone part of your request; Arbimon is a free web/cloud-based platform with unlimited storage...
Acoustic Monitoring, Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Camera Traps, Data management and processing tools , Drones, Remote Sensing & GIS, Software and Mobile Apps 2 days 11 hours ago
Hi Nick,First up, disclaimer that I'm not really into hardware stuff, but here's my best understanding.Shameless plug but take a look here if you haven't already - there's a...
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Acoustic Monitoring, Sensors 2 days 21 hours ago
Hey Amelia, thanks for reaching out and sorry for my late feedback. I am sharing my address: [email protected] for more conversation about this. we can schedule an online call...
Marine Conservation 3 days 17 hours ago
Oh, great link! Been doing marine projects recently and a big headache is protecting submerged electronics. I've kind of heard of many of those techniques, but great to see them...
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Biologging, Marine Conservation, Sensors 3 days 21 hours ago