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Welcome to the home of the Women in Conservation Technology Programme (WiCT)! This is a space for the women and mentors involved in the programme to keep in touch, share updates and resources, and problem solve together! Drop into our group to say hello and keep in touch with the programme and participants. 


Thinking out loud

I am a scat dog handler and have been looking to add tech. into my odor training. I got a fresh idea of making a self-dispensing machine that automates when a small novice puppy...

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Hello Naomi

Using a remote reward device is not unusual for detection dog imprinting. I prefer a clicker so that I can transfer to field training easier than with a remote reward device. With the remote reward device, people typically people also use a place board for the dog to wait on. There are videos online of the remote reward device system being used in detection to give you some idea of the protocols.

Feel free to ask any questions,


Hello Paul, 

Sorry for the late reply. I have been looking through your YouTube channel and it has been very insightful. I will be making a firm foundation to my project by mid this year and will definitely get in touch soon.

Thanks again!


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The Variety Hour: November

Join our November Variety Hour to learn about Club Arribada, an after-school conservation tech training programme in Principe, discover how you can use our new Conservation Tech Training and Education Group, and hear...

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