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The East Africa Community is WILDLABS very first regional hub, created to provide an interactive space for Conservation tech players in East Africa to connect, collaborate, share resources and answer questions. 


Earth Ranger Projection

hi guys,so i was working on a map and i was trying to pick certain points from earth ranger on loading them to arc pro the projection shifted to another area we have looked into...

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Hi Turu, 

To be able to assist you, I would like to understand the following first:

1. What feature of data did you export/get from EarthRanger? i.e shapefile? CSV? etc.

2. What coordinate system was your data from EarthRanger?

2. When plotting did you match/project with the correct coordinate system?

3. Do you think there was an active layer with a different projection system in your work frame? 

4. Did you check whether your work frame projection was correct to match what you were plotting?

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Live Q&A on AI models to process Camera Trap Imagery: All about WildID

Hey everyone,Do you have bulk camera trap imagery or are you looking to set up camera traps to collect wildlife data? Camera traps are undoubtedly one of the most useful and...

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Nothing too much more to share about WildID - I think you've had an earful already! But just to say that we really do enjoy working with our users, so don't be shy to get in touch for any questions, or think you would be bothering us if you need support. We're excited to bring more projects on board and extend our training sets to new locations, camera types and species.

For those in regions outside Africa, we are considering releasing a version of WildID that uses MegaDetector from Microsoft AI - so it will classify your images into empties, and then human, vehicle and animal (just those three classes). You would then be able to define your own species list, and edit the animal pictures to the correct species. Still a fair amount of work for you to edit, but you are probably doing the work already, and at least you would have an easy interface in which to do it, and particularly empties excluded already for you. Get in touch with us if this would be of use to you.

Thank you so much Kate for the excellent answers, explanations, insights and pointers; This was nothing short of Amazing! 

 Thank you all for joining us in this discussion; I hope this has been helpful and you now have a solution for processing your 1 million + camera trap imagery. If you have any questions for Kate, please feel free to drop them in this discussion thread- she is more than happy to answer. If you’d like to reach out to Kate directly, you can Direct message her here or send her an email at: [email protected]

 Thank you!

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Conservation Technology Gaps in East Africa

Hey Everyone,As part of planning for this group, our first step was to engage conservation technology stakeholders, to understand the needs, barriers, gaps and opportunities...

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Out of curiosity, how many people responded to this survey and what kinds of institutions did they come from? E.g., government agencies, universities, non-profits, etc. And am I right in assuming this was just in Kenya or was it from a broader region? I'm not that familiar with the regions listed in the first figure :)  

Hey Carly,

Good question. Data collection for the assessment was structured into; Interviews (12 conservation organizations were interviewed), online survey (64 respondents) and workshop  (22 attended a two-day workshop). Those who took the assessment were from conservancies; both private and community owned, conservancy associations, government bodies/parastatals e.g Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Space Agency and Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD). 

The conservancies and organizations are in Kenya but most have transboundary projects across East Africa. To complement the assessment, we also did desk research and spoke to a couple of stakeholders across the larger East Africa region and majority of the findings were quite similar e.g. need for tech training on i.e. GIS/RS tools (access, manipulation and use of data), data management and Protected area Management tools  (selecting most appropriate tools and integration) and barriers to adopting up-to date tech due to the high cost and inadequate skills etc.

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Elephant Collar

Elephant CollarsTechnology For Wildlife Africa Collar specsPosition acquisition: GPS for...

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Great work @kangs and Technology For Wildlife Africa! Can I ask, what's the collar material made out of? 



its nylon rubber material

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Are you Using EarthRanger?

Hey Everyone,We recently ran our first workshop for the Women in Conservation Technology...

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At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, we have deployed EarthRanger to have a central place where on one single system we can monitor key wildlife such as the collared lions & Elephants, in real time, track our assets such as our patrol vehicles, and to store and analyze our ranger collected observation data in order identify trends and insights. 

The use of EarthRanger in this manner has contributed significantly to our understanding wildlife movement and interaction behavior, helped us better address HWC issues, we also have a better picture of the various incidents occurring within the conservancy and their resolution. Finally, patrol effort is now much more easily managed and visualized ensuring that all areas of the conservancy get covered. 

Our ER system has been integrated with SMART, and all the data collected in the field by our rangers using SMART MOBILE can be accessed and analyzed on EarthRanger. 

Our analysis of data within EarthRanger is done using Tableau which comes bundled together with EarthRanger, this is how we can identify data trends to inform better decision making in the management of our resources. 

The system has been up for over 3 years and we are continuously exploring the opportunities this tool has to offer with regards to protected area management.

Very Insightful Ken! Great to see how the team at Ol Pejeta has been keen on integrating EarthRanger with other software, to have everything in a single system and better monitor wildlife and manage resources.

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Camera Trap Image analyzer

How do I get started with trap tagger in analyzing camera trap data. Thanks in advance

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Hello Stephanie,

Specifically I want to use trap tagger for analyzing camera trap images .I would be glad if I would get someone who will take me thought the software bit by bit.


Hi Ann

I'm afraid I don't know anything about trap tagger, but if you are looking to analyse camera trap data, and you are in Sub-Saharan Africa, you could also give WildID a try.

WildID does automatic species recognition in camera trap images, and then allows you to further annotate and tag your images with notes and other features. It works for 70 Southern African species, and the AI model was trained using images from Kenya and Tanzania, among other African countries.

You can register for a free trial of WildID at - it would just take you a couple of minutes to register and get your first few images uploaded and detected, so you could see how it might work for you. 

There is a comprehensive User Guide at

I would also be very happy to give you a demo or a training session, and take you through the software. You can contact me on [email protected] 

Hope this is helpful, and good luck with your project.

Kind regards, Kate



Hi Ann,

The best thing to do is contact Nic and Hannes directly:

They can provide you with an overview of the software and answer any questions you have. I've heard good things from a couple of others who have tried out TrapTagger.




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Conservation Science Data Specialist

Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Giraffe Conservation Foundation is seeking a Conservation Science Data Specialist, with a background in Computer sciences or Natural sciences, to assist with the day-to-day management and analysis of data to advance...

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Welcome to WILDLABS East Africa Community!

Welcome to the very first WILDLABS regional community hub! We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to great conversations, amazing highlights and...

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Thank You Netty! I love the new developments and the community setup. I am excited to see what is next. Thank you.

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