discussion / Community Base  / 31 May 2022

WILDLABS Platform Updates

Hi everyone, I'm Filip, director at Octophin Digital, a little digital agency building things for the wildlife conservation sector. The WILDLABS team have been working with us to build this new platform.

It's been such an amazing opportunity to finally get to rebuild the platform after years of discussing it on excited dream-sharing phone calls, but we're no way finished yet. We've launched but as with any technology project (speaking to the right audience here!) you'll know there are bound to be issues and improvements for weeks, months and years down the line. We've also got some more major new features and sections of the site launching this year.

We all want this to be an evolving piece of software that captures what this community needs, but it might take a while for all aspects to be perfect. So please bear with us, but most importantly let me or the WILDLABS team know if you spot anything that isn't right or have any suggestions.

We'll be using this discussion to post changelogs for each release. We're going to be as transparent as we can be here so some of this might be dull but necessary fixes, but features and larger improvements will also make it in as they're deployed.