discussion / Camera Traps  / 23 December 2022

Need Assistance regarding selecting a camera

I'm working on an island bird species which is elusive and can only be found near their nest mounds—planning to deploy Timelapse cameras to monitor their breeding time behaviour and mating. I'm looking for cameras that start the video recording over motion detection for a longer duration( Must be equipped for working in low light/night conditions, Audio recording is also needed, Camera will be in the field for at least 2-3 months - Low maintenance). Kindly suggest brands and things to be taken care of before buying those cameras.

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I am not personally aware of a combo camera-recorder. If you wanted audio as well, you'd probably want to throw up an Audiomoth or other type of autonomous recorder (SongMeter, Swift, etc.) alongside the camera!

Hi Vishnu,

Considering only motion detection video, it is possible to modify (most) camera traps to trigger an external piece of equipment like an audio recorder.  I'm not aware of any suitable off-the-shelf recorder, but I can build you one.  However many camera traps that will take video will also record audio, although the quality may not be suitable for all types of audio analysis.