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OpenSource Drag and Drop Windows 10 software builder

Hi all,

I recently published research showing photographs + gps tracks from tourists on safari can be used to give density estimates comparable to other commonly used approaches in Africa.

I’m working with a safari company to trial this project across several of their camps.  And to do so, I’m looking to create really simple software that tourists can use to self-transfer across their images (taken on their cameras) and gps tracks (taken by a mini-GPS logger) to a laptop.

Does anyone know of a free drag-and-drop windows 10 software builder?  Functionality-wise, I don’t need the software to do much (rough mock-up attached).  It’s essentially a nice user-interface to streamline the process of users transferring images from SD cards (+ ideally GPS tracks from loggers), which will hopefully increase conversion. 

Any ideas?  It has to be offline because wifi at the camps will be intermittent.  And it has to be for a pc/laptop (i.e. not a mobile phone app).  

Also, for anyone interested, the published research:





If you are looking for a GUI framework try https://electronjs.org/. It's rather popular at the moment and is cross-platform so you could run the app on windows, linux, or mac. There are frameworks available for other languages (there are a number of python for example) but I suspect electron is the best choice.

You may also be able to use HTML/js so long as you host the app on the same laptop (no need for WiFi as it would all be local).

MS VisualStudio can de DnD placement (if that's what you are looking for). But it's not free (unless your institution has a site license).


Hi Ricardo, 

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I'll look into the electronjs.org option and see if I can get VS through the uni. 

If you come across any other drag-and-drop style platforms (preferably free) that you can use to build windows 10 software, it would be great if you can pop me a message on this.  Something like what you get when building a website through Wordpress or Wix would be perfect.

Cheers again!

Hi Kas

LiveCode is open source (www.livecode.org) and can build for multiple platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux + mobiles. Might be worth having a look at - it has an english-like scripting language and drag + drop GUI builder. You can develop on multiple platforms too so not limited to Windows.

You're probably already finished, but maybe someone else will find it useful.

Hi Alan, 

Thanks for the suggestion.

I ended up using Visual Studio but will take a look at LiveCode for future work - sounds very cool.