discussion / AI for Conservation  / 28 April 2021

Which are major open challenges that AI can help to solve in nature conservation ?

Years ago I worked in innovation management on the international developement sector. 
Institutional governance in uptaking new tech was quite slow.. However I now see that cost to embrace cutting edge tech got slower, and I sense there is a surge of tech for wildnerness. Is it so?
Which areas AI and data-driven solutions may mostly be helpful ?

I am posing this question for I am interested in:
- career opportunities in applied tech / tech management, offering also on-field activities
- research opportunities (PhD) where I can bring experience in international dev, startup and product innovation, envisioning use of tech (finalist at global innovation challenges)

Would like to include in your answer an introduction to most urgent problems to solve ?
Are these problems due to lack of funding ? to capacity building ? to lack of data ? are opportunity driven ? How do you see those evolving in the next 5 years ?

I 'd like to hear anwers also from conservationists and technologists. Thank you!